Workforce Management: How Human Resources Has Evolved

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Did you know that the term “human resources” has only been used to describe the professional arena of workforce management for roughly 20 years? Before that, the “personnel” department owned the primary responsibility for recordkeeping, employee benefits, ensuring compliance with regulations and determining compensation.  

In recent decades, the application of emerging technologies along with changing HR regulations have impacted how business works on a grand scale. Programs are available to help companies automate or support payroll functions, streamline recruiting and training, and simplify employee onboarding.  

As a result, the field of human resources has gone through tremendous evolution. Today, HR professionals are called upon to offer so much more than just hiring or firing employees. In fact, workforce management may be a better moniker for this established player in the business workplace. 

The Evolution of HR Into Workforce Management 

HR teams now oversee all aspects of the employee lifecycle, from start to finish. While it may begin with attracting and orienting an employee, there’s also the need to engage the new team member in company culture to ensure a good fit. Ample evidence exists to show that happy employees are also more productive employees – and that’s ideal for the bottom line. 

During tough economic times, it becomes critical to retain existing employees and maintain a high level of satisfaction and positive morale. This serves to create an environment where top talent flocks, which can even enhance a company’s performance, customer experience and business profits. But establishing this type of environment takes skill, resources and experience. 

It’s also important to consider how recent events have impacted the field of workforce management. For example, the global pandemic affected every aspect of the way that people work, live and interact in a work environment, creating a shift in work culture and office communication.  

At the same time, employees expect a clear understanding of their job role, resources to help them do their jobs and growth opportunities to fuel their development within the business. They want to feel like their contributions are both valued and valuable, and that their wellbeing is important to their employer. A company’s employees have the ability to propel a company into the future – and can be its biggest asset – if they are cared for and well-managed. But manage poorly, and the inverse can be true. 

At the center of the storm, human resources managers are juggling increased responsibilities, new regulations and compliance complications, pressure to improve business practices with regards to DE&I, accountability challenges posed by remote work and more. Why? The reality is that human resources is no longer “just human resources.” It is workforce management, and it bridges the gap between leadership and employees. 

PEOs Offer Relief Through Workforce Management 

So how do HR managers create safe and healthy environments for employees amidst the chaos? How can business owners ensure the wellbeing and productivity of employees as they navigate personal crises beyond their control?  

Many turn to professional employer organizations (PEOs) like Integrity Employee Leasing for relief. Integrity’s workforce management pros are experienced at helping small and mid-size businesses execute proactive workforce management – while relieving them of the heavy administrative burden that comes with “traditional” HR duties. 

Today, savvy owners turn to PEOs to outsource time-consuming tasks such as: 

  • Employee Onboarding, Paperwork and Retention 
  • Forms and Documentation 
  • I-9 Assistance 
  • Human Resources Paperwork 
  • Employee Status Maintenance 
  • Supplemental Benefits 
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 
  • Performance Reviews 
  • Disciplinary Issues 
  • Employee Compensation and Appraisal 
  • EEO-1 Reporting 
  • Department of Labor Claims and Compliance 
  • COBRA and HIPAA Compliance 
  • Worksite-Required Posters 
  • Employee Communications 
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Administration 
  • Compliance  
  • Risk Management 

With decades of experience in workforce management, PEOs possess the technical know-how to navigate compliance and the demands of HR administration. But the real strength of a PEO like Integrity Employee Leasing shines through its human-centered approach to managing employee assets. It takes true skill to create a positive, nurturing and safe environment for employees that establishes trust and rapport with an organization’s leadership team – while mitigating risk and keeping good records. 

Bio Plumbing first partnered with Integrity Employee Leasing in 2020, embracing the value of building a strong culture for employees to thrive. “As a company, we help our employees in any way we can, striving for a family atmosphere. Integrity has really helped us achieve that by supporting our needs, and I would highly recommend them to any company looking for help,” said Bio Plumbing Co-Owner Meghan Jackson. 

Integrity’s responsive staff have alleviated the strain of employee administration for Bio Plumbing. “Integrity has helped us immensely with any employee issues or questions we’ve had, and makes our lives easier with handling our payroll and HR. We are so happy we partnered with Integrity!” said Meghan. 

“When I have a question, I am able to quickly send an email and I have a response within minutes. I can also call and rapidly get in touch with someone who can help me with any question I have,” she added. 

Additionally, small business owners gain an advantage from working with Integrity Employee Leasing with access to more competitive benefits. These include health and dental insurance, workers’ compensation coverage and risk management support. Without a PEO partner like Integrity, obtaining advanced benefits at this level typically come with astronomical costs that only Fortune 500 corporations can afford to pay. And the ability to offer employee benefits at this caliber helps attract and retain top talent to companies who are focused on their future growth. 

According to Robert Hensley, president of Integrity Employee Leasing, it’s more critical than ever that new and growing business owners invest in proactive workforce management. “Fail to respond nimbly to your employees’ expectations or regulatory changes in the field of HR, and you’ll risk steep fines or public censure. Workforce management should be your major investment this year,” he said.

Partner with the Workforce Management Experts at Integrity Employee Leasing

Say goodbye to the ever-growing headache of workforce management by partnering with Integrity Employee Leasing. With a support partner like Integrity, you can elevate your employees’ experience, enhance your company culture, attract high-quality talent and ensure you are insulated from the ever-changing needs of the HR world.  

Onboarding with Integrity Employee Leasing is quick and easy. Our experts would love to explore your strategic workforce management plan and identify opportunities to improve and grow your business.Contact our team today for a free consultation.

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