What Is a PEO?

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As a business owner, you may have heard of PEOs before, but never quite understood what they are or how they operate. Integrity Employee Leasing is a PEO, and we’re here to help you not only understand our organization, but also understand how hiring a dedicated PEO like our team can help your business. Read on to learn more, or contact a member of our team today to get started!

What Is a PEO?

PEO stands for professional employer organization. As defined by the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations, PEOs engage in a co-employer relationship with a business to offer a cost-effective approach to management and administration. A PEO takes on the responsibilities and risk of an employer and can help you better tackle the long list of nitty-gritty tasks that can become overwhelming for small- to medium-sized businesses.

How It Works

A co-employer agreement is a contractual sharing of responsibilities between the PEO and the business owner. As a PEO, we assume specific risks, responsibilities, and rights, and help you manage tasks critical to your business with dedicated teams and resources. What kind of tasks can we help you with? That’s up to you. At Integrity Employee Leasing, we are happy to customize our service offerings for each business relationship to make sure we are offering you what you truly need.

We Work Together

There are a few misconceptions about Integrity and other PEOs that we want to address. For one, we are not a staffing agency. Our team works with you, not for you. As your co-employer, we actually lease your employees back to you so that we can assume some of the responsibilities and risks you take on as an employer.

You Remain in Control

If you are concerned about giving up control, don’t worry. Our co-employer relationship means that you are still in charge of your business. Integrity doesn’t hire or fire employees or set wages, benefits, or schedules. We simply take on liability for important administrative and legal tasks and do what we can to help your business run smoothly, whether you need help with payroll, workers’ compensation, or other complex behind-the-scenes tasks.

What We Do

There are many ways a PEO like Integrity Employee Leasing can help you as a business owner! We even offer many of our services a la carte so you can pick and choose what kind of assistance and support you need.

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll is complex, and it can be hard to handle properly, especially for small businesses without a dedicated payroll team. Integrity offers payroll outsourcing so you can take advantage of our experts, who will handle everything from tax reports to garnishment. We even offer 24-hour access with an online payroll portal.

HR Outsourcing

Human resource professionals are essential to any business. From handling I-9 documentation and other HR forms to compliance management, the Integrity team can help you manage all of your company’s HR needs so you can focus on growing your business.

Workers’ Compensation Administration

If you have employees, you need workers’ compensation insurance. Integrity Employees Leasing can help you understand your requirements as an employer and help you comply with a pay-as-you-go program and full-service workers’ compensation claims management. We’ll handle it all from beginning to end! To learn more about workers’ compensation and our role in it, check out our workers’ comp FAQs page.

Risk Management Services

Employee safety and loss prevention are important, and Integrity can provide you with the expertise and experience you need to develop effective practices and policies. We’ll work with you to create a better, safer environment for everyone within your organization.

Employee Benefits Administration

Insurance can be expensive, but it’s necessary. The Integrity Employee Leasing team can match you with the best options for health insurance and other employee benefits from a number of different providers with different plans. Most options we offer even come without a minimum enrollment requirement, which can ease a big burden for small businesses.

Are you ready to offload the parts of running a business that have been slowing you down? Contact Integrity Employee Leasing! We’ll customize our offerings to your needs and share the responsibilities and risks of being an employer to help you concentrate on what matters most to you. You likely didn’t start a business to get bogged down in human resource issues and administrative paperwork — let us handle it, and we’ll grow together!

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