The Value of Mentorship for Women in the Workplace

Integrity Employee Leasing female employees celebrate International Women's Day by recognizing the value of mentorship for women in the workplace

As we come together to commemorate International Women’s Day on March 8, it’s a time not just for reflection, but also for celebration. This year’s theme, “Inspire Inclusion,” is a powerful reminder of the importance of investing in women and fostering environments where they can thrive and lead.

Moreover, in the United States, March isn’t just a month for acknowledging women’s history. It’s a time to honor the “Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.” This theme resonates deeply with our values and underscores the pivotal role women play in driving positive change and progress in all aspects of society.

While it’s true that there are still strides to be made, let’s take a moment to celebrate the progress we’ve achieved. Despite the challenges, more and more women are breaking barriers and assuming leadership positions in the workplace.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office’s 2023 study shed light on the underrepresentation of women in management roles. However, this doesn’t deter us. Instead, it fuels our commitment to fostering environments where women are empowered to ascend to leadership positions based on their merit and capabilities, not their gender.

Accenture’s 2020 report further reinforces the notion that an inclusive workplace is not just a moral imperative, but also a business imperative. According to this research, 77 percent of female and 67 percent of male professionals said an inclusive workplace is critical for business success. 68 percent of all senior executives agreed. The overwhelming majority of professionals, regardless of gender, recognize the pivotal role inclusivity plays in driving business success. This highlights a shift in mindset and a growing awareness of the tangible benefits of diversity and inclusion initiatives.

As the United Nations expressed in its awareness campaign for IWD, investing in women can spark change and speed the transition towards a healthier, safer, and more equal world where all can thrive.

The Value of Mentorship for Women in the Workplace

As one of the leading professional employer organizations in the nation, Integrity Employee Leasing is a company that believes in investing in women.

When it comes to professional development, Integrity’s leadership team is quick to spot talented individuals and find ways to grow and nurture their skills. What’s more, 85 percent of our workforce is made up of women – and seven of those women hold positions of senior management or executive leadership!

Additionally, many women serve in leadership roles as assistant managers for various teams, which we refer to as No. 1s. Their expert teams provide high-level, responsive services to our clients that include payroll, human resources, workers’ compensation, risk management, bookkeeping and more. The No. 1s are responsible for maintaining strong relationships with clients while ensuring compliance, responsive customer service and effective results.

Many of Integrity’s No. 1s started in entry-level positions and gradually developed their skills through the investment of mentorship.

For example, Christina Faro serves as the No. 1 supporting Integrity’s Human Resources team. She started at Integrity five years ago as an entry-level team member in the HR department. There, Christina quickly established herself as a strong team player by providing her clients with exceptional workforce management support, from hiring and retention initiatives to compliance and meticulous paperwork.

Soon, her talents and abilities caught the eye of Executive Vice President Edith Long, SHRM-SCP, who is a well-known advocate at Integrity for proactive leadership and empowering others. With the support of upper-level managerial mentors and her own hard work, Christina honed her skills and completed her SHRM-CP® and PHR certifications, which are recognized and valued by employers in all industries as premier human resources certifications. As a result, about two years ago, Christina was promoted to the role of Senior Human Resources Specialist and today, serves as the department’s top manager.

Margarita Costa also fills a position of leadership at Integrity Employee Leasing on the Sales team. Although she’s only been with Integrity for just over three years, Margarita was promoted to Sales Leader about a year ago. In large part, she credits the mentorship she has received from Integrity’s Director of Sales, Jayme Waters, as the driving force behind her success.

One more great example is Dawn Newton, who today serves as assistant payroll manager for Integrity’s robust payroll team. This experienced team of experts takes full accountability for the accuracy and timeliness of payroll administration for each and every client. It’s a position that requires extensive knowledge and meticulous attention to detail.

During her nine years on the Integrity Employee Leasing payroll team, Dawn distinguished herself through exceptional on-the-job performance. Payroll Manager Teri Knowles mentored Dawn for many years, providing opportunities for her to gain additional leadership experience. Dawn even found opportunities to mentor others, which allowed her to “pay it forward” while also benefiting from a professional confidence boost. As a result, she was elevated from her entry-level position to the role of No. 1 for the payroll team roughly two years ago.

Inspiring an Inclusive Culture for Women

As you can see, Integrity believes in empowering women – and all employees – to gain valuable expertise and advance their careers. We also help our clients create inclusive workplaces as an extension of our role as their PEO partner. The experts on our leadership team can provide nuanced and advanced management training for executives at the highest levels of business. Meanwhile, our workforce management team can help develop inclusive programs and human resources policies that strengthen your company culture.

Inclusive practices create a better work environment for all. If you’d like to have a conversation about your corporate culture, mentorship for women in the workplace, management training or any other PEO services, we would love to connect with you! Call our responsive team today at (941) 625-0623.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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