The Problem of Unemployment: A Company’s Sneaky Stressor

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Does your company have a game plan in place when it comes to the problem of unemployment? At Integrity Employee Leasing, our nationally credentialed team deploys a high level of expertise to safeguard our clients against unemployment claims and related issues.

Here’s a great example. Did you know anyone can file for unemployment at any time, regardless of the reason for separation? Even though the claimant may not actually be entitled to earn unemployment benefits, they still have the ability to file an unemployment claim against your business. This simple act puts an employer in a position that requires them to prove their stance.

As an employer, are you actively taking steps to prevent being charged unemployment claims? When it comes to the continuous to-do list of running a business, it’s understandable that fine details such as tracking and documenting employee performance get lost in the cracks. However, it’s exactly this type of advance preparation that will help you avoid costly situations like the one mentioned above.

Carefully tracking employee performance is the best way to avoid future unemployment issues. However, there are likely far more pressing demands on your time and attention. After all, not every business owner can afford to spend hours each week on preventative documentation for a potential problem down the road – especially if you already have your hands full getting a new venture off the ground.

As you focus on leading your company to success, the resources offered by a professional employer organization (PEO) like Integrity Employee Leasing can make the process of handling unemployment painless!

The Forgotten Process of Unemployment Claims

Receiving notice that an employment claim was filed against your company can be incredibly frightening, especially when it’s unexpected. A separation that appeared to be amicable may have been perceived in an entirely different way on the other end.

For example, let’s say you have an employee that has a good attitude and gets along well with others. Despite these positive behaviors, this employee has been spoken to on multiple occasions regarding attendance issues. Having a friendly demeanor doesn’t excuse chronic tardiness; waltzing into work twenty minutes late every day is simply unacceptable. Plus, this type of behavior will eventually reflect poorly on the employer.

What can you do when deadlines are being missed and the completed work isn’t up to company standards? After seeing no change in habits, you make the difficult decision to discharge them. The employee initially appeared understanding, but now you’re staring at a UCB-412 you received in the mail. This Notice of Reemployment Assistance Claim has taken you by surprise, but you submit a response to the unemployment claim.

Unfortunately, the Department of Labor is now requesting additional information:

  • When was this claimant warned about their behavior?
  • How many times?
  • Were there any witnesses?
  • Do you have any written warnings signed by the claimant?

Because you always had a good relationship with this employee, you’d hardly felt the need to document your discussions about their attendance habits. The few write-ups you did create have long since been buried under other paperwork that seemed more pressing at the time. As a result, you’re staring at the list of questions, wondering how to get out of this mess.

Unemployment Problems? PEOs to the Rescue

Here is where Integrity Employee Leasing can help! PEOs offer exclusive access to a human resources department for this very reason. At Integrity, a certified and responsive HR specialist is waiting for your call, willing to provide you with the tools and resources necessary to handle any situation regarding the problem of unemployment. We understand that your employees are your most important asset!

With guidance from a well-trained HR department, business owners can learn how to properly document incidents as needed to keep track of employee performance with ease. From there, an HR specialist will respond to any unemployment correspondence on your behalf, protecting your business with priority while you can focus on the fine details of running your company.

Not only will utilizing Integrity’s professional HR department help your company navigate through the tedious process of unemployment claims, but partnering with a PEO can also help prevent turnover in general. Ultimately, this eliminates the possibility of having a claim in the first place.

Current research by the National Association of PEOs shows that many small to mid-sized companies across various industries find that PEO services – and human resources in particular – provide an improved overall employment experience for their staff. This increase in satisfaction entices the client’s employees to continue working for the client, thus reducing the number of unemployment claims made.

Integrity Has Your Back! Check Out Our Unemployment Services

Whether it’s filing documentation into the employee’s profile, giving advice on how to proceed after an incident or assisting with a termination, Integrity’s Human Resources department is equipped to serve every business owner’s needs. Find relief from the problem of unemployment by partnering with Integrity Employee Leasing. Give us a call at (941) 625-0623 today!

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