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ApplicantStack is our top-rated applicant tracking system. It enables you to post your next job, find the best candidate and hire them before your competition. Quickly and easily.

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  • Simplify interview and selection processes using robust scheduling, feedback and comparison tools
  • Reach more candidates with automated links to leading job boards and social media sites
  • Qualify candidates faster and more effectively with built-in prescreening and knock-out questions
  • Save time and effort by using a digital dashboard to create, post and manage job openings
  • Increase candidate responsiveness by combining automated email notifications and instant text messaging
  • Shorten new hire time to productivity by using companion onboarding and timekeeping applications

TimeSimplicity delivers dynamic, multishift, requirements-based, advanced scheduling. Simplify creation and management of complex schedules while accommodating employee preferences, required skills, labor law constraints and much more.

  • Less Time Spent Scheduling
    Easily create repeatable and compliant schedules that match job requirements, employee availability and eligibility. Templates and rules make routine scheduling simple and swift
  • Labor Law Compliance
    Scheduling rules ensure required skills or maximum hours constraints are met
  • Less Unplanned Overtime
    Eliminate unplanned overtime and compare budgeted hours to actual worked time
  • Better Schedule Adherence
    Employees can trade shifts rather than no show. Flexible scheduling leads to happier employees and more reliable shift coverage
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TimeWorksPlus delivers the latest in cloud-based punch and time card services supporting intelligent clock features and a wide range of clocks. Track and manage punches, time cards, time-off requests and accruals. Seamlessly integrates with payroll services.

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Timekeeping - Captures time data from clocks, calculate multiple rates, accruals, and keeps audit trail.
Scheduling - Easy setup for any shift, coverage view, templates, early warning and clock-lockout.
Overtime Management - Auto-apply overtime or proactively alert as thresholds approach. Flexible calculations and application.
Payroll Integration - Easy time card review and approval. Connects time data to payroll processing for fewer errors and faster completion.
  • Fewer Errors
    Intelligent clock technology helps eliminate duplicate or missed punches and errors computing total hours and pay.
  • Clock Lockout
    Limit early clock in, scheduling warns when overtime approaches, managers easily view time cards in real time.
  • Less Unplanned Overtime
    Eliminate unplanned overtime and compare budgeted hours to actual worked time.
  • Faster Payroll Processing
    Fewer errors, instant access for time card review and export to payroll reduces time spent processing payroll.
  • Flexible Configuration
    Customized pay rules, overtime calculations, compliance requirements and accrual application. Wide range of physical and online clock options.
  • Subscription Service
    One service provides you with everything needed for interactive and automated workforce management—geofencing, unified login and filtered clock prompts.

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