Streamline Your Business with SwipeClock

Streamline Your Business with SwipeClock PEO Services from Integrity Employee Leasing

How long does it take you to manage timekeeping for your business? Could your balance sheet benefit from a more efficient hiring process? Do your employees work onsite, as well as from a remote location? Would your job become easier if you could effectively manage labor deployment across multiple shifts or facilities?

Many small and mid-size businesses have found a valuable solution with SwipeClock, a suite of workforce management tools aimed at improving the process of hiring, scheduling, attendance, engagement, compliance and more. With seamless integrations for accounting software like Intuit QuickBooks, SwipeClock helps HR managers and business owners minimize labor costs, streamline reporting, improve accuracy, decrease stress and save time. You’ll also find it’s easier to stay compliant with this flexible, yet modern solution, which integrates easily with payroll, HR, benefits and financial services.

Picture this: It’s late afternoon and you’re running late to a meeting. Before heading out, you notice the stack of miscellaneous projects piling up on the desk, along with blank timecards and next week’s schedule yet to be filled out. Suddenly the phone rings and your shoulders drop. It’s another employee with questions about their hours from the previous week; the third one since yesterday. There’s simply not enough time in the week!

Employees are a business owner’s most important asset, so it makes sense that accurately tracking their hours is a major responsibility. It’s no secret that the boss has a lengthy list of duties to keep up. Becoming overwhelmed can lead to inaccuracies in many different aspects of the job, such as keeping the payroll timecards updated and properly scheduling employees.

Streamline Your Business with SwipeClock’s TimeWorksPlus

The good news? Integrity Employee Leasing is here to help by partnering with a cloud-based clock technology called SwipeClock. SwipeClock offers user-friendly products such as TimeSimplicity and TimeWorksPlus that completely transform the world of timekeeping. From the bustling restaurant business to the hectic work schedules of construction companies, SwipeClock has products that can be useful for any industry.TimeWorksPlus is an intelligent timecard system that allows employers to view timecards as often as needed. You can also set customizable pay rules, such as limiting early clock-ins and receiving alerts regarding employees who are approaching overtime. Employers also have the option to add-on geofencing, which is a tool for employees to use when they need to clock in from specific locations, whether it’s remote from home or at a designated worksite. This product can even compare budgeted hours to actual time worked.

With all the ways this product reduces timekeeping errors, it’s no wonder that TimeWorksPlus is a crowd favorite! In fact, Integrity’s Client Service department highly recommends TimeWorksPlus for our clients. According to Implementation and Client Services Manager Julie Davidson, this product is the most commonly used option among Integrity’s clientele.

Streamline Your Business with SwipeClock’s TimeSimplicity

Another popular choice is TimeSimplicity, a product that offers a robust scheduling system. It allows the employer to create a personalized schedule to best accommodate the needs of the company and its employees. Templates are simple to create and flexible, giving employers the option to repeat schedules that match job requirements and employee availability. This, in turn, leads to more reliable shift coverage and improving labor law compliance.

Utilizing this timekeeping system offers Integrity’s clients several benefits. It can eliminate the overbearing stress of timekeeping and scheduling, making it easier for you to put all your energy into focusing on the fine details of running your business effectively and efficiently. SwipeClock also cuts down the number of payroll errors, saving you time and money in the long run.

Let Integrity Employee Leasing Help You Streamline Your Business with SwipeClock

Our dedicated and experienced team members are on standby, ready to help. We are more than willing to walk employers through our simple onboarding process. You can count on our experts to answer your questions every step of the way for a seamless transition.

Make a stress-free call to Integrity today at 941-625-0623 and check timekeeping off your to-do list!

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