Workers' Compensation

A Better Way To Handle
Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation can be a frustrating and oftentimes overlooked aspect of having employees. Obtaining coverage creates additional demands on you as an employer. You must ensure compliance, take care of claims and year-end audits, and process renewals.

However, Integrity Employee Leasing can simplify this burden by providing a simplified pay-as-you-go program with no upfront deposits. As your employer of record, we manage any claims that you may have. That includes everything from the initial loss report to working as a liaison to you, your employee, and the claims adjusters.

  • No Upfront Costs
  • No Year-End Audits*
  • Unlimited Insurance Certificates
  • No Claim Processing Fees
  • Pay As You Go
  • Full-Service Claims Management

*Some exceptions apply. Please contact our team for more details.

Let Integrity Employee Leasing Guide You

If you’re new to filing claims, it can feel overwhelming. That’s why Integrity Employee Leasing provides a designated case manager to communicate with all parties throughout the claims process. After the initial injury reporting through authorized treatment care, the next steps are rehabilitation and returning to restricted, limited or full duty work.

Minimize Risk and Lower the
Cost of Workers’ Compensation

Integrity Employee Leasing ensures that all eligible employees receive the benefits they deserve while providing competitive rates for our services. At the same time, we can control costs for our clients by eliminating fraudulent or unwarranted claims.

Another service that our risk management team provides is the issuance of multiple workers’ compensation policies, client additions, deletions, and any changes in client information. Additionally, Integrity Employee Leasing reports monthly wages to claims carriers and reconciles premiums. The risk management team also issues all certificates and waivers of subrogation as requested for our clients, coordinating policy and certificate of insurance renewals in a timely manner.

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