Streamline Timekeeping
with SwipeClock

When it comes to streamlining your business, a SwipeClock can be tremendously helpful. Beyond reducing labor costs and simplifying compliance, timekeeping software allows HR managers to track and improve efficiency, accountability and productivity. Hiring and scheduling just became a breeze.

The Best SwipeClock Products and Services for Your Needs

Integrity Employee Leasing offers multiple high-tech solutions for the best scheduling and time management tools. Explore each of
our SwipeClock products below, or contact us directly for a tailored recommendation.

SwipeClock ApplicantStack logo
ApplicantStackTM is a top-rated applicant tracking system, partnered with SwipeClock. It enables you to quickly and easily post your next job, find the best candidate and hire them before your competition does.
  • Simplify interview and selection processes
  • Reach more candidates with automated links to leading job boards and social media sites
  • Qualify candidates faster and more effectively with builtin prescreening and knock-out questionSave time and effort by using a digital dashboard to create, post, and manage job openings
  • Increase candidate responsiveness by combining automated email notifications and instant text messaging
  • Shorten new hire time to productivity by using companion onboarding and timekeeping applications
SwipeClock TimeSimplicity logo in black and blue
TimeSimplicityTM delivers dynamic, multishift, requirements-based scheduling with an advanced, robust scheduler. Simplify creation and management of complex schedules while accommodating employee preferences, required skills, labor law constraints and much more.
  • Spend less time scheduling with easily created templates, repeatable and compliant schedules that match job requirements, employee availability, and eligibility.
  • Improve labor law compliance with scheduling rules that ensure required skills or maximum hours constraints are met
  • Eliminate unplanned overtime and compare budgeted hours to actual time worked
  • Experience flexible scheduling that leads to happier employees and more reliable shift coverage
SwipeClock TimeWorksPlus logo
TimeWorksPlus® delivers the latest in cloud-based punch and timecard services that support a wide range of clocks, including intelligent clock features. Track and manage punches, time cards, time-off requests and accruals while this service seamlessly integrates with payroll services.
  • Eliminate duplicate or missed punches and errors with intelligent clock technology,  which computes total hours and pay
  • View time cards in real-time, limit early clock-in and receiving a warning about approaching overtime before it occurs
  • Subscribe once to receive every service you need for interactive and automated workforce management – geofencing, unified login, and filtered clock prompts.
  • Reduce or eliminate unplanned overtime and compare budgeted hours to actual time worked
  • Minimize time processing payroll with fewer errors, instant access for timecard review and export to payroll function
  • Customize your pay rules, overtime calculations, compliance requirements, and accrual application with flexible configurations plus a wide range of physical and online clocks.

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