Fast Track Your
Franchise with Integrity
Employee Leasing

It doesn’t matter whether you own one storefront, or one hundred. As the nation’s leading PEO, Integrity Employee Leasing can assist your franchise with everything from payroll and HR services to employee benefits and risk management. Ultimately, this partnership provides franchise owners with more time to focus on growing and maintaining your successful business.

PEO Services Bring Added
Value To Your Franchise

Serving as your trusted partner and resource, Integrity Employee Leasing simplifies a franchise owner’s day-to-day activities. Enhance the overall quality of your relationship with your employees through quality PEO services. You’ll also save time and money, reducing stress levels and risk along the way.
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Reclaim Time

Let us handle time-consuming tasks like payroll and HR administration.

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Limit Liability

Protect yourself with a dedicated PEO team who helps you remain compliant with all franchise requirements.

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Mitigate Mistakes

Avoid miscalculations and mistakes when you allow our professional team to do all the work.

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Give Employees a Voice

Integrity Employee Leasing will provide HR services to help your employees feel heard.

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Reduce Stress

Regain your time and peace of mind when you partner with the best in the business.

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