Navigating Change Is Easier with a PEO

Integrity Employee Leasing employee explains PEO services contract to business owner

As famed Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, the only constant is change. For small and mid-size business owners who also handle human resources, this has perhaps never been truer.

Managing human resources is difficult even in the best of times. Beyond the recent impacts of the global pandemic, the HR industry itself exists in a steady state of change. Current affairs often drive new legislation and workplace policy that, in turn, reflect the ever-evolving workplace. New labor laws can directly affect the way you do business, but finding the time to get up to speed and respond can be a challenge.

Department of Labor Nomination Signifies Coming Changes
Take, for example, the incoming Biden administration’s nomination of Boston mayor Marty Walsh to lead the U.S. Department of Labor. Walsh brings a strong background with the Laborers’ Union. At 21, he worked for them in Boston, eventually becoming president of the organization. From there, Walsh made the political leap to state representative, where he served for 16 years.

Walsh’s public service track record indicates a hands-on approach to key labor issues. These include starting job apprenticeship programs for low-income workers, developing employment and worker protections, and tackling difficult subjects like substance abuse, civil rights and diversity, marriage equality and mental health. While the exact implication of Walsh’s appointment is yet to be determined, it’s safe to say HR industry leaders can anticipate a litany of potential changes.

At the same time, even one noncompliance lawsuit can wreak havoc to a company’s bottom line. Similarly, the fines associated with failing to adhere to regulations can be crippling. According to Business Insider, the U.S. levied a grand total of $36 billion in regulatory fines to financial institutions alone at the close of 2019.

How can business owners and HR managers ensure that they stay ahead of industry changes in 2021?

After all, it is easy to feel stretched thin while splitting your time and attention between recruitment and hiring, employee engagement and burnout. Job training, professional development and performance evaluations also fall within the dynamics of human resources itself. And, you must still juggle the daily operational duties of owning and operating a small business.

The Benefit of a PEO

For these reasons, many business owners choose to partner with a professional employer organization (PEO) like Integrity Employee Leasing. A PEO serves as an extension of your business, shouldering the burden of monitoring every change, trend, law and policy to make sure you are prepared for regulatory changes.

Our highly experienced HR team also regularly handles diverse compliance issues for our valued clients. As they will tell you, the result is increased peace of mind from knowing that your business is proactively insulated from unexpected change.

Services provided by Integrity Employee Leasing include:

  • Department of Labor claims and compliance
  • EEO-1 reporting
  • COBRA and HIPAA compliance
  • Worksite-required posters
  • Employee notices
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) administration and compliance

If you are interested in pursuing a partnership with Integrity Employee Leasing for HR services, please contact our team today. We will work with you to identify the best solutions for your business, leaving you free to focus on what is important: running and growing your business amidst a world of change.

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