More Ways to Handle Employee Burnout

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Employee burnout happens. Whether you work in the corporate world or the restaurant industry, it’s all too easy for members of your team to become overly stressed and under rested. It’s in your best interest as a leader to do everything you can to keep burnout at bay. Making sure your employees stay healthy and engaged not only benefits them, but it also benefits you as productivity remains high and your business thrives with top talent on your side.

Are you looking for long-term solutions to help your team prevent and deal with burnout? Check out these suggestions from Integrity Employee Leasing.

Offer EAP

If you are not familiar with the details of employee assistance programs (EAPs), let us explain. These work-based programs are built to help employees address personal problems that may be affecting their workplace performance and leading them to burnout. The program can offer whatever your employee needs at the time, whether it’s help addressing handling mental health concerns such as depression or anxiety or professional assistance in navigating issues like relationship problems, financial difficulties, or trauma. An EAP can be a key factor in helping your employees address personal concerns so they can concentrate on work.

Offering EAP is the first step, but it’s not the last. Part of the battle is making sure employees know that’s available and that you condone the use of its benefits! During your organization’s more stressful times during the year, you may want to send out reminders that your company has an EAP along with instructions on how to access it. If you are supportive of employees taking such steps to preserve their well-being, you can foster a healthier workforce that is less stressed and more focused.

Invest in a Workplace Wellness Program

Your employees’ physical health can also affect their susceptibility to burnout. An EAP can handle their mental health, and a workplace wellness program can encourage them to stay physically healthy. How you implement a wellness program and how structured you want it to be is up to you! From offering incentives to your team members for miles walked to bringing in healthy food vendors, you have a lot of flexibility. Check out our blog post on ways to encourage your employees to stay healthy for more ideas!

Offer Flexible Work Arrangements

Burnout can often stem from what feels like an overwhelming amount of work for your employee and limited options for tackling it. Offering more flexibility can help them handle their workload in the way they want, and you benefit from a happier, more relaxed, and more productive employee. You don’t have to give your expectations on how much your team members get done (although we do recommend checking that your expectations are clear and reasonable) — you just have to relinquish a little control over how they get their work done.

As an example, letting employees work remotely when feasible can help them better balance work with any emergencies in their personal life, like a sick child. They have the space and time to address those personal concerns without taking time off, which means they can get more work done than they would have otherwise.

Outsource Tasks

Aside from dangerously high expectations, a bad fit between an employee and the job they’ve been assigned can be a factor in burnout. Small businesses in particular are prone to asking the few team members they rely on to tackle many different jobs. As a business owner, you likely take on the broadest variety of duties, which can take away from your ability to nurture and grow your business. Everyone on your team has to wear a few hats because you don’t have the ability to hire dedicated teams for payroll or HR services.

Integrity Employee Leasing can be the solution! As a professional employer organization, or PEO, we can handle a number of complicated and time-consuming tasks that have been holding you back. From HR outsourcing and payroll to workers’ compensation and employee benefits administration, we have a team with the expertise and experience to take all of it off your hands. In most cases, we even offer our services for free! Learn how you can benefit from partnering with a PEO — contact a member of our team today!

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