It’s Time to Outsource & Save with Integrity Employee Leasing

IEL employee crunches numbers to help client outsource and save with Integrity Employee Leasing

Are you looking to outsource time-consuming administrative tasks? Would you like to have a point of comparison to evaluate your current business insurance plan to make sure you have adequate coverage but are not paying too much?

Most businesses start as a dream in the mind of an enterprising visionary. Using a combination of wits, research and resources, it’s possible to shape a vision for changing the world into reality. Throughout the centuries, many entrepreneurs have found success by developing goods or services that solve a problem for their target audience. Throw in a little marketing – and think through price, product, placement and promotion – and you’ve got a full-fledged business on your hands.

But what comes next? For many business owners, the goal is to grow and scale the business to serve more customers – whether that’s across a larger geographic footprint or by increasing penetration within one targeted region or online. With scaling comes the need to hire more hands, from managers to frontline workers and everyone in-between.

Managing people requires another set of skills entirely – along with copious amounts of time and money. Not every business owner enjoys or anticipates the amount of administrative work that is created when a business grows to 10+ employees. This includes payroll, state and federal reporting, HR issue resolution, employee benefits and insurance, workers’ compensation, compliance and much more.

These time-consuming tasks take the attention away from perfecting your product or customer experience. In turn, this impacts the potential profit that your business could be making, if you were focused on its trajectory rather than the minutia of managerial tasks.

It’s why so many business owners turn to a professional employer organization (PEO) like Integrity Employee Leasing to outsource these areas of the business. The PEO takes on the risk and responsibility associated with fulfilling these administrative duties while managing all aspects of the employee lifecycle.

Why Should I Outsource & Save with Integrity Employee Leasing?

According to the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), businesses in a PEO arrangement grow 7-9 percent faster, have 10-14 percent lower turnover, and are 50 percent less likely to go out of business.

Think about it! Your business has the opportunity to scale faster, maximize retention amidst challenging circumstances and thrive while bringing your dream of serving others to life. With less turnover, you can train and invest in your loyal employees with confidence, counting on them to serve your customer and play a part in fueling your company’s long-term growth and success.

For many business owners, that peace of mind is priceless. At Integrity Employee Leasing, one of the nation’s leading professional employer organizations, we understand exactly how a PEO partnership can add value to the equation. Our nationally certified experts are ready and equipped to handle:

  • Payroll Administration
  • Bookkeeping
  • Human Resources
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Employee Retirement Plans
  • Online Payroll Processing
  • Risk Management
  • Safety Education & Training
  • Business Insurance
  • Franchise Support
  • Timekeeping

During this PEO partnership, Integrity Employee Leasing functions as an extension of your own team, applying our substantial expertise, resources and decades of experience to your business. Franchise owners and entrepreneurs are often surprised at the unexpected ways that we can find to save you time and money in the long haul. There are many hidden advantages to outsourcing services to Integrity Employee Leasing.

For example, it can be challenging for an up-and-coming business owner to keep track of changes within the regulatory environment as changing laws dictate new processes and paperwork. At Integrity, we monitor any activity that would impact your business and ensure compliance to avoid costly penalties. This includes fees that are charged when a company fails to meet data security and recordkeeping requirements.

To enhance your retention and stave off the growing trend of employee turnover, Integrity Employee Leasing can help you craft a compelling company culture that motivates and inspires your workers. This includes everything from resolving HR disputes in a kind, firm manner to offering training to help team managers improve their people skills and exemplify true leadership within their area of expertise.

Another example is how Integrity routinely secures benefits plans for our clients that provide for what employees need, but without breaking the bank. Our established business relationships as a sizeable PEO become your advantage, as we negotiate impressive prices for plans that typically only a Fortune 500 company can afford. This includes valuable 401K retirement plans, business insurance to protect your interests and much more.

For those who prefer to do their own insurance shopping, Integrity offers an online insurance cost-comparison tool to make this process easier for you. This convenient platform lets you research and secure any type of commercial insurance you may need, protecting your business from property or liability losses while gaining some peace of mind.

It’s Time to Outsource & Save with Integrity Employee Leasing

Make 2023 your best year yet and contact our team today for a free consultation! Simplify your life and save by partnering with Integrity Employee Leasing. Our team will do the heavy lifting to get your business onboarded and optimized with whichever services you need to be able to return your time and attention to where it belongs – growing and scaling your dream into a reality.

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