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Integrity Employee Leasing Frees Business Owners To Focus On Essentials

Let’s face it. No matter the size of your company, nearly every sector of business has been impacted by 2020’s global pandemic. The far-reaching effects of COVID-19 have resulted in an abundance of change to the global marketplace. Survival is a matter of fast adaptation. Your response time can make or break your bottom line.

Small and midsize businesses who partner with a professional employer organization (PEO) like Integrity Employee Leasing have already discovered the distinct advantage that time can create.

Ask yourself: Are you actively focused on evolving your business model? Do you deliver excellence with every purchase? Is your time used to ensure that your products and services successfully stand out from your competitors? Do your customers come back for more?

Or, are you stuck trying to navigate complex government regulations in order to pay your employees with a federal loan support? Is your valuable attention taken up by administrative paperwork? Are you using your time to handle workers’ compensation, insurance and taxes?

Take the federal payroll protection program (PPP), for example. These loans are designed to help businesses keep their workforce employed during the coronavirus pandemic. However, obtaining that financial relief requires a hefty pile of paperwork. Business owners who don’t already have a highly nuanced understanding of government rules and regulations may get left behind.

Are you prepared to risk it? Because worrying about payroll loans never even made the to-do list for the organizations who count on Integrity Employee Leasing for daily human resources support, payroll administration, insurance plans and risk management.

That is because Integrity Employee Leasing functions as a trusted partner and an extension of their clients’ businesses – and they take that commitment seriously. “When the United States Small Business Administration first announced the Paycheck Protection Program this spring, our team picked up their phones and called every single one of our clients to see how we could help, and processed thousands of documents so they could apply,” said Christopher Naylon, Chief Financial Officer of Integrity Employee Leasing.

The Integrity Employee Leasing accounting team stayed proactive during the PPP loan process. “Often, the government notified us at the very last minute about process changes and new regulations. Our accounting team acted quickly each time, checking and double-checking their work. Not only did we deliver extremely fast turnaround time for customers who requested reports, but we also ensured that their employees were paid on-time, without extraneous loan fees,” said Chris.

A valued member of the Southwest Florida business community, Integrity Employee Leasing has been serving the needs of small to midsize companies since 2004. “At Integrity, we hire the best people, and they are dedicated to providing quality service with passion, integrity and a will to win. We constantly strive to live up to our name for honesty and fairness in all that we do for our clients, employees, agents and vendors,” Chris explained.

Everyone at Integrity loves to remind our clients that we cater to what you need, not the other way around. “We’re here to help you ensure a safer, more secure workplace. Our trusted team of nationally certified experts can handle everything from state and federal labor reporting to employee assistance programs and payroll administration, so you can focus on your core business operations while still addressing your most important asset – your people.”

Ultimately, the PEO simplifies the administrative demands placed upon business owners. That leaves them free to invest their time where it matters most: adapting to overcome challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It just so happens that you can buy peace of mind.

Learn more about how Integrity Employee Leasing can help you invest more time into your business while feeling confident that all the essential tasks are covered. Visit our website at or call (941) 625-0623.

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