Integrity Employee Leasing Is Your Winning Partner for EEOC Claims Prevention & Defense

Integrity Employee Leasing Is Your Winning Partner for PEO Services

There’s no denying that the #MeToo movement has forever changed the workplace landscape by increasing awareness about the equal and appropriate treatment of employees. As a result, charges of discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination have increased exponentially in recent years.

Now, more than ever, the awareness raised by #MeToo has also resulted in a great number of employees filing Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) claims. Founded in 1965, the EEOC regulates and enforces compliance with the nation’s anti-discrimination laws. These laws address civil rights, disabilities and access, wrongful termination, ageism, sexual harassment and more.

According to the U.S. Office of Enterprise Data and Analytics, the top five national EEOC claims filed between 1997 and 2020 are: 

  1. Retaliation: 39,110 claims
  2. Disability: 24,238 claims
  3. Race: 23,976 claims
  4. Sex: 23,532 claims
  5. Age: 15,573 claims

What most employers don’t realize is that employees do not need legal representation to file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Claims can result in long, complex investigations that rack up expensive legal bills, tax employee morale and cause business owners a high degree of stress. Settling claims outside of court can be pricey. There may even be negative news stories that impact public perception of your company.

If an employee does file, the business will need to prepare for the subsequent audit by the EEOC. It will require a hefty investment of time and money, because the burden of proof is placed on the employer.

The EEOC will not hesitate to pursue any matters of inadvertent discrimination that they discover along the way, such as hiring practices or age bias. That makes it incredibly important for every business to prepare in advance to defend against any type of employee claims made to the EEOC.

Introducing Your EEOC Claims Champion: Integrity Employee Leasing

Turn to a professional employer organization (PEO) like Integrity Employee Leasing for help. When it comes to avoiding or fighting EEOC claims, PEOs are uniquely equipped and experienced at helping employers navigate these troubling waters.

Should a claim be made, Integrity Employee Leasing will act as an extension of your business and a trusted partner. Our seasoned human resources team can assist in conducting a comprehensive investigation, procuring the necessary documentation to assist with the response in your defense. This relieves the demands of time placed on an employer, as well as the stress associated with an unexpected claims audit.

Integrity Employee Leasing has successfully assisted in defending every charge brought against our clients in the past 12 months.

Of course, prevention is the best medicine. At Integrity Employee Leasing, we believe educating business units and key team members is important for decreasing EEOC claims. It’s why our HR experts routinely offer advanced training about employment law and best practices for our clients. It can even improve satisfaction of both the company’s leaders and its workforce.

As another layer of protection, there’s also employment practices liability insurance (EPL). EPL insurance provides liability and defense coverage for employee claims over “wrongful employment acts,” which includes wrongful termination, harassment, retaliation, discrimination and more. This protects employers before a claim is ever made.

Let Integrity Employee Leasing Defend Your Interests

During an era of heightened risk, it’s critical to protect your company by partnering with the best defense in the business. Let Integrity Employee Leasing’s team of pros capably manage complaints on your behalf, so that your attention can remain where it is needed most: successfully growing your business while providing exceptional experiences to your customers.

Onboarding is easy, and our team does all the work to help you get started with Integrity Employee Leasing. Why wait, when protection is right around the corner? Call Integrity Employee Leasing today at (941) 625-0623.

More knowledge equals a better work environment for all.

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