How to Prevent Employee Burnout

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Workplace well-being and the elusive “work-life balance” are concepts that are gaining popularity as trends in offices across the country — and for good reason. Everyone gets overwhelmed at work sometimes, and as we’ve discussed in previous blogs, the negative effects on your employees’ health and energy can lead to downsides for your business. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can aid your team in avoiding burnout and its impact, and Integrity Employee Leasing has compiled a list to make it simple.

Watch for Signs of Burnout

The best way to avoid the consequences of employee burnout is to catch it early. Check in with your team members periodically and look for signs like low productivity, lost focus, and fatigue. The Integrity team has created a checklist that you and your leadership team can use to keep an eye on your employees. If you let them work under pressure beyond a point that’s healthy, then everyone suffers, so it’s important to be open about burnout and know what to watch for!

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Set Reasonable Expectations

A key part of creating a healthy and happy workplace culture is setting sensible expectations for every member of your organization. You want your employees to be productive, but you can’t expect high levels of production and perfection at all times. As we’ve discussed previously in this series, pressuring burned out employees to do more only leads to diminishing returns.

As a leader, part of your job is to protect your team members from unclear or impractical demands, whether they come from clients or other members of the leadership team. You may need to advocate on behalf of your team members and have a conversation with your boss about what’s possible versus what’s practical. As a leader, you also have a responsibility to listen to any concerns your employees may have about the expected workload. Being receptive and reasonable can help you retain top talent that will help boost your business far into the future.

Make Well-Being a Part of Company Culture

We’ve made the benefits of employee wellness – and the downsides of burnout – clear, so why not make health and well-being an initiative of your organization? Employee wellness and company revenue are inextricably tied. When you encourage health-minded choices and make well-being an integral part of your company culture, it can be the rising tide that lifts all boats.

One of your first steps toward a well-being-centered company culture is to ensure that your employees are informed about all the wellness benefits they have access to. Offering aid like an employee assistance program (EAP) doesn’t truly benefit anyone if they are unaware of it or are discouraged from using it.

To that end, encouraging employees to take care of themselves through time off and programs like EAP is another important step in creating a healthier team culture. Make it clear that burnout is not a personal failing, and that those who take steps to reduce stress and take care of themselves are true team players.

Set an Example

Talking about self-care is just one step in the process, and it won’t be very effective if you don’t take these principles to heart. Remember, you can’t effectively help your team if you’re burned out yourself. Setting an example by prioritizing your own health and wellness as a leader can also help your employees feel more comfortable taking similar measures. Putting these concepts into practice can also give you the opportunity to further your dedication to workplace wellness as you share examples of your self-care methods with your team.

Better Care for Your Employees With Integrity

Remember, how your team feels about their work and their workplace can deeply affect your bottom line. Taking steps to reduce workplace stress, boost team morale, and invest in the well-being of your employees can greatly increase productivity and help  your business grow. Review our past blog posts to learn more about burnout and the benefits of health employees!

If you are looking for a partner to help you reduce the stress on your team, then explore the services we offer here at Integrity Employee Leasing! As a professional employer organization (PEO), there is a lot we can do to ease the burden placed on your employees and on you, the business owner. We offer a broad suite of services, from HR outsourcing to workers’ compensation administration, so you can depend on our team of experts instead of relying on your employees to perform multiple jobs at once.

Integrity specializes in working with small- to mid-sized businesses as a co-employer, sharing the risks and responsibilities to make running a business easier. If you are interested in learning how you can benefit from PEO services, explore our site or contact a member of our team today! We look forward to working with you.

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