Frequently Asked Questions


Many business owners are new to the concept of a professional employer organization (PEO) like Integrity Employee Leasing. As we help our clients succeed and support companies of all sizes, our team often receives similar inquiries about what exactly we do or don’t do. Here, you will find a compiled list of frequently asked questions that summarizes our comprehensive services and the benefits of working with a well-established PEO focused on quality and integrity.
What is a PEO?
A professional employer organization (PEO) is a human resources outsourcing company designed to assist small, medium or large businesses. As your PEO tackles time-consuming, back-office tasks like payroll, workers compensation, human resources management and more, business owners remain free to concentrate their time and attention on the success of their company’s products and services.
Are PEOs licensed?
Yes. Integrity Employee Leasing is licensed and regulated by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. All financial information is reported quarterly, and we are audited annually. You can trust that Integrity’s nationally certified team will properly prepare the paperwork for everything from payroll administration and human resources services to workers’ compensation, employee benefits and more for our valued clients.
Are you a staffing company?
No, we don’t function as a hiring service or temp agency. Instead, Integrity Employee Leasing legally assumes responsibility for your employees, a legal process referred to as becoming your employer of record. It means we function as an extension of your team to facilitate human resources, risk management, payroll and compliance, workers’ compensation and more. With your leadership and direction, Integrity supports your business goals while finding ways to save you time and money. As a result, you will have more energy to focus on growing your business and pursuing your dreams. We’re here to help.
Do I still have control over my employees?
Yes. Because this is a co-employer relationship, you still manage and control your business. We do not hire, fire or set wages, benefits or schedules for your individual business. All these functions remain in your direct control while we take on the liability for the payroll and workers’ compensation. That is one of the many advantages that a PEO can offer.
What other benefits do you offer?

Integrity Employee Leasing provides a wide range of services that are aimed at supporting small, medium and large businesses. Depending on your needs, we can offer payroll administration, human resources services, workers’ compensation, risk management, online payroll processing, insurance products, support for franchises, and SwipeClock services.

Can you give me references?

Absolutely. At Integrity Employee Leasing, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and bringing integrity to everything we do. It’s why we would be happy to give you a list of references when we meet you. We believe our clients are our best advertisement. And, our credentialed team will gladly answer any questions you may have, until you feel confident that there are no barriers or obstacles to overcome.

If I use your service, who do I call if I have a question?
Each client is assigned a dedicated account manager when they choose to partner with us, which ensures you have someone to call 24/7. Plus, our responsive team always answers the phone when you call our main office, because we believe in good customer service. In fact, the president himself has been known to answer phone calls after hours! With Integrity Employee Leasing, you will always be able to reach a live person to resolve your problem.
What do I pay for your services?
In most cases, working with Integrity Employee Leasing actually saves you money! It sounds farfetched until you consider our company’s size as one of the nation’s leading PEOs. Because of that buying and negotiating power, we have avenues for savings that you can’t access on your own. Schedule an appointment to meet with us, and we will explain how Integrity Employee Leasing can save you significant costs. At the same time, we’ll take on your work, relieving any worries over your employees’ needs and preserving your time in the process.
When is payday?
Your payday is our payday. Integrity Employee Leasing delivers payrolls Monday through Friday, and can provide weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and even some monthly payrolls. So, it is up to you to decide when you want your payroll and on which day you want it dated. We’re here to help!
How do I get started?

Our onboarding process is designed to be simple, painless and quick. If you are willing to share a little bit of information about your company’s specific needs, the team at Integrity Employee Leasing will handle the rest. Let us prepare a free proposal that outlines how our services and partnership can add value to your business. We can customize your menu of services to support whatever you may want or need.


We are ready to do the heavy lifting to earn your business. After years in the PEO industry, we know from experience that the timing of your onboarding with us won’t impact your bottom line. Instead, when you join the Integrity family, our expert team will manage all the necessary paperwork. This includes everything from facilitating new W2s for your employees to securing state or federal approval for workers’ compensation. We will do whatever it takes to support your company’s forward momentum by managing every part of the onboarding process.


It’s that easy, but only with Integrity Employee Leasing as your PEO partner.

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