Examining the Competitive Advantage of a PEO Partner Like Integrity Employee Leasing

The Competitive Advantage of a PEO Partner Like Integrity Employee Leasing

The value of partnering with a professional employer organization (PEO) may be the business industry’s best kept secret – or is it? PEOs have been partnering with businesses of all sizes to provide comprehensive administrative solutions for more than 40 years.

However, a recent analysis from the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) clearly illustrates how PEO clients today experience a wide variety of improved financial and non-financial outcomes. This includes a savings of time and money, along with reduced risk, lessened liability, better employee benefits and more.

Compared to their peers, who do not engage PEO services for their businesses, PEO clients gain a distinct competitive advantage from a PEO partnership. This results in higher business survival rates, growth rates and employee satisfaction, as well as lower employee turnover.

  • 58 percent less likely to permanently close
  • 32 percent are less likely to have seen a negative overall effect on business from the pandemic
  • 71 percent more likely to have received PPP loans in 2021
  • 82 percent more likely to have business operations back to normal (or better)
  • Experienced a rate of employment growth over the last 6 months that is 81 percent higher than the rate of comparable small businesses

For example, consider how news headlines are sounding the alarm about the dire need for more school bus drivers and restaurant staff. Profits, credibility and morale are at risk when staffing ratios are not met and maintained. Especially for franchise owners and entrepreneurs, the pressure to maximize HR efforts around employee retention has never been higher.

It’s why many growing businesses embrace a PEO partnership with an experienced, reputable company like Integrity Employee Leasing. One of the leading PEOs in the nation, Integrity Employee Leasing provides its clients with increased value, service and stability through the provision of exceptional PEO services. These include payroll and HR, workers’ compensation and employee benefits, risk management, insurance products, franchise solutions, bookkeeping and more.

On the subject of employee retention alone, Integrity Employee Leasing offers an impressively high rate of 92 percent retention on behalf of its clients, as compared to the national industry average of 83 percent. It’s just one example that illustrates the value that a PEO like Integrity offers an entrepreneur who wants to focus on building their business while minimizing obstacles that may hinder progress.

Ultimately, Integrity’s clients are the ones who financially benefit from the competitive advantage that partnering with a PEO can provide. These findings validate a business owner’s investment into a PEO partnership while positioning the company for additional growth. Plus, thanks to Integrity’s size, sterling reputation and bargaining power within the industry, the PEO can often negotiate benefits for its clients that could not otherwise be obtained by an individual business.

PEO Partners Like Integrity Employee Leasing Support Business Growth & Development

After all, human resources isn’t “just” human resources any more. A field that originally developed to handle worker strikes and employee grievances in the early 1900s now covers much more, from state and federal reporting to FMLA administration, management training, compliance and more. Moreover, the rules and regulations that govern human resources – as well as PEO services like bookkeeping, insurance and payroll – change frequently.

As this happy client shares, it’s a true competitive advantage to have a PEO partner who can support business growth while guarding against changing regulations and other emerging trends.

“Firehouse Subs has used Integrity Employee Leasing since 2013, when we came into the market as an unknown brand and new franchise partner. We found Integrity to not only be professional, but they helped us with everything, every step of the way. This included advisement on human resource questions, as well as all payroll-related issues,” said Dan Redolphy, owner of multiple Firehouse Subs franchises.

“We have and will continue to highly recommend Integrity to all of our business associates as a means of streamlining their payroll, accounting, insurance and human resource needs and keeping it under one roof, as it has benefited us tremendously as we continue our growth strategy,” he added.

PEO Partners Like Integrity Employee Leasing Provide Resources, Support & Training

As a business grows and thrives, the need for ancillary services such as HR training or coaching may also emerge. This can be helpful for large franchises who have experienced rapid growth and expansion. It may also appeal those who want to develop a customized, branded company culture, following management best practices to establish a competitive advantage and become an employer of choice.

Take Snay Patel, for example. A successful franchise owner, Snay opened her first Dunkins Donuts in 2006. From there, she rapidly rolled out a chain of over 80 stores across the state. Today, Snay owns and operates more than 200 franchises, including Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Popeyes, Take 5 Oil Change, Rent-A-Center and Rim Time brands.

After experiencing such explosive growth, Snay embraced the opportunity to provide advanced training for her franchise managers and human resources staff. “Over the past year, the Integrity team has traveled throughout the country to provide on-location HR management and compliance training for my franchise stores. The depth and quality of this training will help ensure success for both the business and my employees, as we create an exceptional experience for each customer we serve,” explained Snay.

“As a trusted partner, functioning as an extension of my own team, I appreciate how Integrity embraces my vision and provides responsive, next-level service every step of the way. They truly go above and beyond to ensure the success of my business,” she added.

Ready for a PEO Partner Like Integrity Employee Leasing?

At Integrity, the success and satisfaction of our clients is what matters most. We will travel to the ends of the earth to meet our clients’ needs – and we mean it! It’s why each new client receives our president’s business card with encouragement to call any time, day or night, when the need arises.

Let Integrity remove the headache of administrative duties and back-office minutia that would otherwise distract you from what matters most. With decades of experience and a team of nationally certified experts, we are well-equipped to support entrepreneurs who want to change the world, one business at a time. Call (941) 625-0623 to schedule your consultation today.

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