Employee Handbooks: Put It In Writing

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A written employee handbook should serve as the foundation of your business. It serves a variety of specific organizational purposes, benefiting both the employer and their employees.

Regardless of industry, geographic size or number of employees, every company should have one. Why? When a new employee walks through your doors, they’re often filled with excitement and anticipation, ready to dive into their new role and contribute to your company’s success. But without proper guidance, that excitement can quickly turn into confusion and frustration.

This is where a well-structured employee handbook steps in. By providing clear instructions on company policies, procedures, and expectations, you can streamline the onboarding process and set your new hires up for success from day one.

At the same time, a well-crafted employee handbook offers a glimpse into your company’s culture – its values, history, and mission. Help employees understand what sets your organization apart from others, defining how they can play an active role in helping the company succeed. It’s important to put it in writing for all team members, including new hires, human resources managers and company leadership.

Take, for example, a family-owned restaurant franchise that prides itself on providing a warm, welcoming atmosphere for its customers and employees. By incorporating stories of its humble beginnings and commitment to quality service into its employee handbook, the business can convey its expectations in a way that fosters a sense of belonging and establishes a sense of pride surrounding the provision of an exceptional customer experience.

Beyond simply communicating company culture, an employee handbook should also clearly outline employees’ rights and responsibilities, ensuring that everyone understands their role in creating a safe and respectful workplace. Consider the impact of a comprehensive anti-harassment and non-discrimination policy. By clearly outlining unacceptable behavior and the consequences for violating these policies, you can create a culture of accountability and mutual respect within your organization, allowing team members to align towards a common goal.

Similarly, one function of a well-written employee handbook is to eliminate ambiguity by clearly outlining programs, procedures and policies. Imagine a scenario where an employee requests time off for a family emergency. Without a clear policy in place, managers may struggle to make informed decisions, leading to frustration and resentment among team members, unless you include detailed policies in your organization’s employee handbook.

An employee handbook can also serve as a critical line of defense against litigation by documenting policies and procedures while demonstrating your commitment to local, state and national compliance. By putting it in writing, you can mitigate the risks associated with wrongful termination, harassment and discrimination lawsuits as well as safeguard your business against potential litigation. It’s well worth the investment of time!

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Integrity Can Simplify the Employee Handbook Process

There’s no doubt about the value of an employee handbook and why you should put it in writing. This vital company document protects employers, minimizing the issues that may arise in the future and supporting the company culture you wish to establish.

The only drawback? It can be time-consuming to write a handbook and keep it up to date as compliance and regulations change over time. The good news is that, as one of the leading professional employer organizations (PEOs) in the nation, Integrity Employee Leasing exists to help businesses like yours with task like this!

With Integrity’s help, it’s quick and painless to get key documents into place for your business. Many new franchise and business owners and budding entrepreneurs approach Integrity to help them get an HR department up and running in the early stages of business. Integrity’s compliance and human resources experts keep a package of compliant HR materials – policies, procedures, a written employee handbook and more – on file that we can customize to your company’s needs. Our team follows all current best practices and regulations – provided by Integrity at no additional cost!

Next, it’s time to get employees to embrace your vision! Our workforce management professionals are skilled at providing employee training and education on these policies and procedures. We also provide high-level management training for business executives, further developing existing strengths through targeted coaching while imparting strategies for successful corporate leadership.

Integrity Employee Leasing and its world-class team of experts is awaiting your call. Let our proactive team use our experience and knowledge to help your business get up and running – ready to hire your first batch of bright-eyed, eager new employees.

Our onboarding process is designed to be simple, easy and quick. We’ll even handle the paperwork! All you have to do is call (941) 625-0623 to schedule a free consultation.

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