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Take the Spooky Out of HR Management with Integrity Employee Leasing

Woman handles HR Management with Integrity Employee Leasing

Is Halloween coming, or does modern human resources management seem like something out of a nightmare this year? Would you like to take the spooky out of HR management with Integrity Employee Leasing? Because across every industry, HR professionals are struggling to find and retain good talent, regardless of company size, platform, geographic location and more. It’s a ghost town!

For the great entrepreneurs of the world, managing your growing workforce can feel like scary business. It’s especially unnerving when industry statistics and HR data show that one in three new hires quits within the first six months. Nearly two-thirds of all employees are disengaged, and 70 percent are unhappy with their job!

Clearly, effective human resources requires much more than cutting checks and administering benefits. Today, it oversees all aspects of the employee lifecycle. This includes proper handling of tax filing, onboarding, morale, workers’ compensation, compliance and payroll.  

Especially for those who are just starting out with a big dream, the sum of time, energy and knowledge needed to properly handle HR can make or break a fledgling venture. Fortunately, partnering with a professional employer organization (PEO) like Integrity Employee Leasing can offer a distinct competitive business advantage.

Integrity Employee Leasing Can Keep Your Office from Becoming a Ghost Town 

One of the fastest growing PEOs in the nation, Integrity Employee Leasing helps companies flourish by handling the HR aspects of the business. This covers complex and time-consuming tasks like payroll and taxes, workers’ compensation insurance, bookkeeping, compliance with state and federal regulations. It also includes OSHA reviews, 401K, employee onboarding, benefits administration, insurance options and more. 

Integrity’s skilled team brings a combined 140 years of experience and can provide these services to any size business, from those with just a few employees to franchises with multiple locations. We understand that employee retention is critical for businesses who want to grow in a changing business landscape. Our team has the knowledge and experience to attract a talented team, improve satisfaction, enhance employee benefits and more on your behalf. In fact, Integrity Employee Leasing has an impressively high retention rate of 95% on behalf of our clients.  

But that’s not all! First, when it comes to improving employee benefits, our monster-ific size and subsequent buying power is also a huge advantage. Integrity can negotiate and secure impressive cost-savings on employee benefit plans for its clients that a small or midsize PEOs cannot. Second, although Integrity Employee Leasing has a big operation, our clients never get the answering machine. In fact, our own CEO answers client phone calls after business hours – because we believe relationships matter most. 

For those who choose to partner with Integrity Employee Leasing, this commitment to exceptional service – combined with our extensive credentials and practical business experience – provides our clients with peace of mind. Licensed in 18 states, our team is filled with experienced subject-matter experts who can make onboarding with Integrity fast and painless. Can you say mischief managed? 

Integrity Provides the Freedom to Pursue Your Dreams 

With Integrity on your side, you can put the days of worrying about back-office administration behind you and focus on your future. When you picture the future of your business, what do you see? Do you plan to expand the geographic footprint of your business? What are the goals you’d like to accomplish in the next five years? Ten years from now, when a potential customer hears your company name, what associations do you want your future client to make? Is there even a ceiling where you’re headed? 

You should be able to pursue your vision for the future without feeling held back by everyday concerns about money, communication and expectation barriers, employee turnover and more. Instead, let Integrity Employee Leasing manage these essential pillars of business under your direction. We have perfected our approach to providing effective, hassle-free PEO services for human resources, workers’ compensation, risk management, payroll and compliance, and so much more.  

And, because creating solutions for our clients is what we love to do, our well-credentialed HR professionals are passionate about getting every detail right. We are confident you will appreciate the quality, value and responsiveness that our hardworking team provides to our clients each day. 

Who Are You Going to Call? Integrity Employee Leasing! 

With Integrity Employee Leasing as your secret weapon, you can remain free to focus on turning your dreams into reality – and start dreaming even bigger. Where will you take your company from here? Integrity Employee Leasing would love to learn about your goals. Let’s identify opportunities to improve your strategic HR plan!Contact our team today for a free scare-free consultation. 

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