Benefits of Working With An Outsourcing Service

Here at Integrity Employee Leasing, we offer an array of professional HR services. We are a leading national professional employer organization (PEO), which allows us to assist businesses with everything from payroll services to employee benefits to risk management. We work with small to mid-sized companies who are outgrowing the ability to handle these tasks on their own but aren’t big enough to hire a whole department in-hosue.

Utilizing an outsourced PEO is an outstanding way to improve your operations without taking on even more work than you already have. If you are thinking of investing in outsourced HR services, consider the following benefits of doing so and reach out to our team to learn more about how we can help.

Saving Yourself Time

One of the number one reasons business owners come to us seeking help with HR services is due to a lack of time. Running a business is no easy task. Every single day you are faced with an array of items that need to be handled. From deciding on marketing plans to determining growth numbers to meeting with investors, there are countless things that can only be handled by you. However, at some point, your plate is simply too full. Whether it is due to recent growth, the hiring of more employees, or added responsibilities that have fallen in your lap, when you no longer have the time needed to focus on HR tasks, things start to slip. You might forget an important payroll deadline or neglect a policy. The end result can be detrimental to your company’s daily operations.

When you decide to turn over an array of these tasks to a PEO, you can save yourself copious amounts of time. Rather than handling paperwork and the minute details of HR operations, you can focus on running your business. Our team will streamline your processes and handle the time-consuming components of HR services.

Improving Your Risk Management

Running a business comes with a myriad of risks. When you don’t properly protect yourself, you can wind up with an expensive lawsuit on your hands. As a small business owner, it isn’t always easy to cover every base. Our team will help you stay compliant with state and federal laws. We will assume all liability for employees concerning unemployment. This can give you peace of mind as you go about your daily operations.

If you haven’t spoken with a professional about risk management, now is the time to do so. From the policies you have in place to how you handle hiring and firing, we will work with you to find weak areas and to implement the right solutions.

Allowing Employees To Feel Heard

As a young company, it is often not possible to have an HR department on staff. However, a lack of human resources can lead to your employees feeling trapped. What can they do if they have an issue with management? Who will hear them out? While you might hope to provide this kind of assistance, employees don’t always feel comfortable sharing workplace problems with the owner of the business.

Having a professional HR team on your side will ensure that your employees feel heard and that they have someone to turn to when issues arise. This can help to mitigate small problems early-on before they become major ones.

Mitigating Miscalculations And Other Common Mistakes

When you are trying to handle too much, it is easy to make small errors and mistakes along the way. While this is to be expected of any overtaxed business owner, the result can be frustrated employees or damaging mistakes that have long-term repercussions for your business. If you feel that you are starting to struggle with accuracy in payroll, policies, and other daily HR tasks, it might be time to turn to a professional team for help.

Here at Integrity Employee Leasing, we make these tasks more manageable. A lot of the daily HR work, we simply take over for you — leaving you to focus on other important issues at hand. We will mitigate the chance of daily mistakes and miscalculations while creating a smoother process for your whole team. During our initial consultation with you, we will look for areas where accuracy can be improved.

Taking Away Frustrations

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of working with a professional employer organization is that you are freed from many daily frustrations. When you are taking on too many tasks on any given day, you can wind up annoyed and exhausted. This can result in you having a hard time handling everyday frustrations. If you find that you are becoming increasingly hard to work with, it might be due to being overtaxed. By outsourcing HR and payroll services, you can return to a calmer state of being. This will allow you to handle everyday situations with a better mentality and will ensure that you are being the best boss possible for your employees.

This is particularly true for business owners who are better at the big picture aspect of running a business and struggle with day-to-day organization. Instead of being burdened by piles of paperwork, you can turn your attention to the aspects of owning a business you are passionate about.

Reach Out To Learn More Today

Interested in the benefits of outsourcing your HR services? Talk to our professional employer organization today about how we can work with you to improve your payroll process and other important HR tasks. Our goal is to free up your time so that you can focus on growing your business.

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