Benefits of Healthy Employees

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As a business owner, your employees are your greatest resource. Which is why, when it comes to brainstorming how to save money and grow your organization, you should think first about how you can nurture your human resources. Whether you pursue a work-sponsored wellness program or make a proper work-life balance a part of your company culture, keeping your employees happy and healthy will benefit your business.

As a provider of HR services, employee insurance, and more, Integrity Employee Leasing knows how much of a difference healthy employees can make. Read on to learn more about the associated benefits, and contact Integrity today to learn more about our comprehensive PEO services!

Fewer Accidents

Work-related injuries can be costly to any company. Aside from steps like creating a comprehensive risk management plan, keeping your employees healthy can help you reduce the number of incidents you’ll face each year. Those who are in good physical shape can better handle the everyday tasks, and engaged employees are more focused. Together, these factors can reduce the risk of injury throughout your workplace.

Fewer Sick Days

Encouraging your employees to take care of their health can also reduce the time and money your company spends on sick leave. This applies to both physical and mental health! Staying healthy in all respects can reduce the likelihood that they will become sick and miss work. Reduced stress and boosted immunity helps reduce the time your employees spend out of the office.

Those who take the time they need when they are sick also reduce “presenteeism,” a phenomenon where your employees try to work while sick. On the surface level, it may seem like presenteeism would also reduce how much you have to spend on employee sick leave, but in reality, it can deeply and negatively affect your business. Presenteeism is often marked by lower productivity, lower quality of work, and a spread of illness throughout the office. So when your employees do get sick, it’s better for everyone if they stay home and take steps to properly care for their health!

Lower Insurance Costs

One of the most clear and objective benefits of healthier employees is the reduction in insurance costs. Healthy employees qualify for lower rates, which saves you and your employees money. Aside from encouraging your workforce to take care of themselves, you can be proactive and invest in a wellness program. These types of programs have been shown to have a high return on investment when it comes to healthcare costs.

Increased Engagement

Employee engagement is harder to measure, but it has an indisputable effect on the success of your business. Employees who maintain a work-life balance, eat well, take mental health breaks, and take other steps to stay healthy are happier, less stressed, and more engaged at work. This leads to higher quality work and increased productivity and can reduce the rate of employee turnover, which is one of the biggest expenses companies face.

Depression is one factor that can have a big impact on your employees’ engagement, so keep in mind that encouraging your employees to stay physically healthy is not enough. You should also encourage them to take advantage of mental health services. Not only will it benefit your employees, but it can also greatly benefit your company through increased productivity and business community involvement.

In short, investing in the health and happiness of your employees is simply a smart business move. If you are not sure how to put this value into practice, Integrity Employee Leasing can help. Our outsourced HR services are made to serve small- to medium-sized businesses, and we will work with you to craft policies that promote health and well-being throughout your organization. You can also explore our blog for advice on what steps you can take to encourage wellness. Contact us today to learn more!

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