An Employer’s Guide to Burnout

Integrity Employee Leasing employee fights burnout in his personal workspace

In any business, whether it’s small and family owned or a large corporation, one of its most important resources is its human resource: the employees. They are truly the source of success for any thriving organization, and as we have discussed in a previous blog post, employee health and wellness directly translate to improved growth and productivity for a business. The greatest threat to them and your business? Burnout.

At Integrity Employee Leasing, we are dedicated to helping your organization thrive. As a professional employer organization, or PEO, there are a number of ways in which we can protect you and your employees, from helping you develop better HR services to offloading stressful and time-consuming tasks like payroll. Today, we want to help you address the enemy of productivity – employee burnout – with an explanation of what it is and how it can affect you. Read on to learn more, and contact a member of the Integrity team today to learn how our PEO services can benefit your business!

What Is Burnout?

Burnout goes beyond stress. When an employee is burned out, they feel completely depleted of energy and motivation, and they lose the ability to be truly productive at work or at home. Burnout not only affects an employee’s output at work, but also their physical and mental health, and it can deeply impact their relationships with their family, friends, and coworkers. As you may have guessed, this level of fatigue can ultimately affect your bottom line.

How Does It Affect Your Business?

Consider the law of diminishing returns — it outlines a situation in which the profits or benefits gained in a certain situation are outweighed by the money or energy invested to gain them. When an employee is feeling burned out, their level of productivity drops even as they invest more time and effort, because they don’t have the energy or focus to truly get things done. Working these employees harder or further pressuring them to meet their goals only leads to diminishing gains.

In essence, employee burnout can have a big impact on your bottom line. It is in your best interest as an employer and a business owner to do what you can to prevent burnout at all costs.

What Leads to Employee Burnout?

The best way to avoid burnout among your employees is to avoid the circumstances that can lead to it. Some factors that may predicate burnout include:

  • Unreasonably high expectations, set either by the employee or their leader
  • Feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, or incompetent
  • An assignment or job position that the employee is not well suited to
  • Not receiving enough affirmation or appreciation for their work

Partner With Integrity for Burnout Prevention

There are a lot of benefits to working with a professional employer organization like Integrity. One way we can help your business thrive is taking responsibility for many of the tasks that may be stressing out or slowing down your employees, including payroll processing, HR services, and workers’ compensation administration. Start offloading the burden on your employees today, and contact Integrity to get started!

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