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Integrity Charitable Foundation

At Integrity Employee Leasing, we are committed to making a difference within the communities where we live and work. For that reason, we started the Integrity Charitable Foundation. It provides financial support for various nonprofit organizations who have a positive influence and impact on our community. Additionally, our clients and leased employees can join forces with Integrity Employee Leasing by participating through payroll deductions and individual contributions.

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Our Board Members

Integrity Employee Leasing leadership team member Chris Naylon
Christopher Naylon
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Kate Roberts
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Denise Dull
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Erin Natoli

2021-2022 Nonprofit Organization of Choice

This year, the Integrity Charitable Foundation has partnered with Better Together as its 2021 Nonprofit Organization of Choice. Better Together is dedicated to helping people help themselves, empowering them to find employment and providing a loving, safe and supportive foundation for their children. Since 2015, Better Together has served more than 3,000 children and 34,000 job seekers through two highly successful programs: Better Families and Better Jobs.

Better Families

Better Families is aimed at preventing neglect and abuse before foster care is necessary. Our unique model enables parents who have fallen on hard times to voluntarily place their children with a loving host family for up to a year. Although, the average stay is only 41 days, and 90% of families are reunited in 90 days or less. As unpaid volunteers, host families focus on caring for the children, while a network of Better Together volunteers and partners help the parents get back on their feet.

By design, 100% of the families are reunified, and we’re pleased to report that 98% of them stay together and out of the foster care system.

Better Jobs

When the Better Together team realized 76% of our families came to us because of an economic hardship tied to unemployment, we knew we had to address the root of the problem and created Better Jobs to help. Thanks to a network of church partners across the United States, Better Jobs has helped more than 34,000 job seekers find employment. Before you think it is “just a job fair,” read on. Participants get everything they need to succeed – whatever it takes.

As a result, two-thirds of job fair attendees get a job interview, and one out of four receive a job offer on the spot.

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