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Integrity Charitable Foundation

At Integrity Employee Leasing, we are committed to making a difference within the communities where we live and work. For that reason, we started the Integrity Charitable Foundation. It provides financial support for various nonprofit organizations who have a positive influence and impact on our community. Additionally, our clients and leased employees can join forces with Integrity Employee Leasing by participating through payroll deductions and individual contributions.

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Our Board Members

Integrity Employee Leasing employee Julie Davidson

Julie Davidson

Integrity Employee Leasing employee Erin Natoli

Erin Natoli

Integrity Employee Leasing employee Kate Roberts

Catherine Stein

Integrity Employee Leasing leadership team member, president and CEO Robert Hensley

Robert Hensley


2023-2024 Nonprofit Organization of Choice

This year, the Integrity Charitable Foundation has partnered with Crossroads Hope Academy as its 2023 Nonprofit Organization of Choice. 
Crossroads Hope Academy is a non-profit 501(c)(3) home for foster boys who have had multiple failed placements in the foster care system. Their program offers a unique combination of education, treatment and behavioral services that provides a sense of normalcy for the kids whose lives have been anything but normal. Youth are provided the opportunity to transform their lives through positive and motivating programming that inspires learning, leadership, and personal growth. Caring, positive role models at Crossroads Hope Academy provide youth the tools they need to transition into a successful home placement or an independent living program working together with biological families, foster families, adoptive families, and community resources.
In order to achieve these goals, Crossroads Hope Academy offers comprehensive mental health services which include substance abuse counseling, trauma-focused CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), gender-specific treatment, individual cognitive behavioral therapy, in addition to collaborative problem solving and a rewards based system, individualized education support, hands-on learning through experiential opportunities and vocational and employability skills development via Casey life skills and industry recognized certification courses.

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