4 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Professional Employer Organization

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Many small- to midsize business owners recognize the value of a reputable professional employer organization (PEO) in providing efficient, cost-effective solutions for payroll and tax administration, human resources and more. 

Here’s how it works. When a business signs on the dotted line, a PEO like Integrity Employee Leasing assumes legal responsibility for acting as the “employer of record” for the company’s employees. This means the PEO can shoulder the burden of employment-related tasks on your behalf, carrying out administrative duties and managing the risk associated with those tasks. 

  • Human Resources Services 
  • Payroll Administration 
  • Risk Management 
  • Online Payroll Processing
  • Insurance Products 

Not only does this decrease overall cost and reduce risk, but it also increases the business owner’s productivity. It’s perfect for owners whose daily workload is overwhelmed by time-consuming HR or payroll tasks. When it comes to running a company, who wouldn’t want to save time and spend their energy where it matters most – growing the business? 

Not All Professional Employer Organizations Are the Same 

Once you’ve decided to partner with a PEO, you will need identify the best organization to fit your unique business needs. This means understanding whose services, value and expertise are the right match. However, not all PEOs are alike. Asking a few key questions during the selection process will help you narrow down the options while ensuring you are acting as a well-informed buyer. 

What PEO services do you offer? What don’t you offer? 

It seems like a basic question, but most PEOs offer a different combination of services – some more thorough than others. For example, Integrity Employee Leasing has the capability and expertise to offer unemployment reporting and workers compensation. Although it’s a critical human resources function, not all companies have the resources and credentials to do so. It’s a great example of why you should compare PEO services before making a final decision. 

May I see an unbundled fee schedule for PEO services? 

Another great question for a potential business partner, this should yield an itemized list of all services offered. Some PEOs charge based on a percentage of payroll, and some charge a flat rate per employee. Asking for an unbundled fee schedule provides a comparison point to use across both types of PEOs, showing exactly how much you will pay for each service. With real numbers and rates, you can better determine your annual out-of-pocket cost and benefits. 

At Integrity Employee Leasing, the only type of pricing offered is unbundled. Why? Many PEOs who bundle their core services also charge additional fees for training, employee terminations, compliance, human resources issue-resolution and more. These hidden costs of PEO services add up fast, causing an unexpected drain on your budget for necessary services you thought were included in your contract. 

Don’t let it happen to you! Work with a company like Integrity, who is committed to transparency and will be honest with you about cost. If the PEO you are researching won’t provide an unbundled fee schedule, Integrity recommends you consider that red flag accordingly. Avoid surprises when it’s your business and budget on the line. 

Do you carry employment practices liability insurance (EPLI)? 

No matter how large or small a business may be, there’s always the potential for employment-related lawsuits. This includes wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, wage violations and more. Your PEO should offer Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) to cover your business from these types of risk, as well as compliance issues related to regulatory changes. One of the leading professional employer organizations in the nation, Integrity Employee Leasing provides every client with EPLI to protect their interests. To further support our clients, we also offer employee assistance programs and errors-and-omissions insurance. 

Is there a penalty for terminating the PEO contract?

A reputable professional employer organization should allow you to terminate your contract with them at any time, without penalty. It’s why, at Integrity Employee Leasing, there is never a fee for terminating your contract. And, unlike many of our competitors, a simple 30 days’ notice is requested. 

“Integrity Employee Leasing has an astounding record for returning clients, because we understand that business owners have to make hard decisions. We want them to be able to leave with the best memories of our partnership. Integrity also makes it easy to return once circumstances change,” explained Robert Hensley, president of Integrity Employee Leasing. 

Why? Because the experts at Integrity believe a PEO should always put people and relationships first. Functioning as a trusted partner and extension of your business, the ideal PEO will embrace your vision and mission, taking action to help you achieve your goals. To gauge this, ask for references – especially those from clients who have been with the PEO for more than five years.  

At Integrity Employee Leasing, the average tenure of our clients begins at 4.6 years. In fact, we serve multiple clients who have been with us since the day Integrity Employee Leasing first opened in 2004! More than 11% of our existing clients have been partnering with Integrity for over 10 years.  

Partner with the Best Professional Employer Organization in the Business

Are you ready for a conversation with one of the best PEOS in the business? Integrity Employee Leasing welcomes the opportunity to answer your questions. Together, we can design a package of services that is the perfect match for your needs. Call (941) 625-0623 today to learn more!

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