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There are many distinct advantages to partnering with a professional employer organization (PEO) like Integrity Employee Leasing. One of the leading PEOs in the nation, the experts at Integrity Employee Leasing assume the responsibilities and risk associated with complex administrative tasks. Meanwhile, you will remain free to invest time and energy where it matters most – your business.

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Managing a business can be challenging, but you are not alone. Think of Integrity Employee Leasing as your secret weapon. A full-service, professional employer organization (PEO), our responsive, experienced team provides cost-effective services that are designed to help companies of all sizes thrive and grow.

• Payroll Administration
• Human Resources Services
• Workers’ Compensation
• Risk Management
• Bookkeeping

• Online Payroll Processing
• Insurance Products
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• Timekeeping

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The Best PEO Solutions for Your Business

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Keep track of changing Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) regulations and standard laws to avoid ever-increasing penalties and fines.

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Partnering with a PEO like Integrity Employee Leasing can bring valuable relief when you need it most. That’s because Integrity Employee Leasing functions as an extension of your business, proactively handling the headaches associated with essential administrative tasks. This simplifies your workload, reduces your stress and leaves you with more time to manage your business.

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Payroll Administration

Focus on running your business while Integrity Employee Leasing manages the paperwork, tax reporting, paycheck distribution, child support checks, and more.

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Human Resources Services

Outsource time-consuming functions like retention and compliance, which take your time and attention away from crafting the perfect customer experience.

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Workers' Compensation

Avoid year-end audits while enjoying a streamlined, pay-as-you-go program that provides workers’ compensation insurance with little or no upfront costs.

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Risk Management

Invest in prevention and peace of mind with guidance from Integrity Employee Leasing regarding loss prevention and best safety practice.

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Our capable bookkeepers streamline your entire accounting system to create efficiencies and best practice workflows.

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Online Payroll Processing

With transparent payroll processing, it’s easy to submit hours by phone, fax, email or online time entry and submission.

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Insurance Products

Enhance and simplify employee benefits when Integrity Employee Leasing secures the best rates for major medical and dental coverage, life insurance and more.

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Find more time to focus on what’s important with expert solutions that fit your franchise’s needs, whether you have one location or five.

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Our payroll platform, PrismHR, provides integration with timekeeping services such as SwipeClock, making payroll reporting seamless and reducing costly timekeeping errors.

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Feedback from Our Clients

Client Testimonials

Since 2004, Integrity Employee Leasing has served as a trusted partner and source of expertise for businesses of all sizes across the nation. Our focus on strong relationships, stellar customer service and competitive pricing sets us apart – or so our clients say.
Mr Ovenmitt
Mr Ovenmitt
Easy to navigate web portal. Great place to be employed.
Zachery McNally
Zachery McNally
I've worked with Integrity for years as a broker and as a client without complaint. Their service is impeccable and upbeat, if you're lucky enough to do business with them take the opportunity.
Catrice Washington-Brazile
Catrice Washington-Brazile
Love their service been using their company for 10 years never had trouble with the company nor the staff always reliable and dependable whenI need them.

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Put a proactive partnership with Integrity Employee Leasing to work for your bottom line and secure your peace of mind today. Learn how one of the nation’s fastest growing PEOs can help you retain your valued employees, cut costs, save time, reduce liability, improve employee benefits and reduce your overall risk. 

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