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At Integrity Employee Leasing, we take pride exceeding our clients' expectations. Below you will find what some of our clients have to say about doing business with us. We hope to see you on this page some day.

Our company, and our almost 300 employees, were in a position where we felt we needed to replace our payroll company. We were very concerned about making such a major change in a short period of time. Integrity Employee Leasing was able to make the conversion without any disruption to our business. In just a few days, they were able to complete the sign up process for all our staff. With only a few minor issues, each staff member received an accurate paycheck right on time. We have been using Integrity Employee Leasing since March 2013 and we are very pleased with their service.

Kelly Evans Liscum - Smuggler's Enterprises, Inc.

As a large company we require specialized service from our employee leasing company. Integrity is always there to answer any question we may have. Their service is excellent and their people are friendly and efficient. They also have been able to manage all of our employee benefits. We look forward to a long relationship with Integrity.

Gary & Diane Progl, Owners - Charlotte County Glass

We started our relationship with Integrity Employee Leasing in June of 2008. Before that, we were processing our own payroll. MaryAnn is our contact at Integrity and she does a wonderful job. When we hire a new employee, or have an issue with a current one regarding worker's comp, unemployement, etc, we simply call her and she handles the situation for us. I like the fact that I don't have to devote my energies, or those of my staff, to handling payroll related matters. I highly recommend the services of Integrity Employee Leasing.

Mark Kemeny - Just Counters & Other Stuff, Inc.

We started using the services of Integrity Employee Leasing in February of 2013, and we couldn't be more pleased. As expected, Integrity takes the worry, time and effort of processing the payroll, completing the payroll reports and paying the taxes. Equally important is the handling of Worker's Comp claims. We've had one small claim and they handled it efficiently and effectively. I also like the fact that I am no longer involved with Worker's Comp audits. That means no surprises at the end of the year. The payroll process is very simple. All I do is fax the time sheets over, and they handle the rest. I'm confident that everything is done accurately and on time. I highly recommend the services of Integrity Employee Leasing.

Tom Mitchell - Molly Maid

It's been said many times that personal, friendly service will win out all the time. That, in a nutshell, describes what Integrity Employee Leasing brings to the table. Integrity simply gets it right. From the time of the initial meeting to discuss our current situation to date, service, professionalism, and attention to detail has been superb. We have recommended and will continue to recommend Integrity to any business looking to save time and money.

Rob Lopez - Servicemaster Commercial Cleaning Specialist

I'd like to take this time to thank you for working with us in such a difficult economic time. Without you, we would not be in business. The reality of workers compensation through our own insurance company would have been impossible. Hopefully once we get thru this recession, we get a more steady flow of business. Therefore, we would have more employees and more payroll .. a win, win for both of us. Looking forward to working with you for many years.

Marie LaBrosse - Charlotte Well Drilling, L.L.C.

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